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Norwegian expatriate Habibul Haque hopeful of a fair trial
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Norwegian expatriate Habibul Haque hopeful of a fair trial

Norwegian expatriate Habibul Haque hopeful of a fair trial

An aristocratic family in Saturia Bazar of Manikganj district has been a victim of torture and oppression for the last 30 years. They allege that a large amount of wealth of the family has been confiscated for a long time. In the early 1990's, several flying letters began to arrive in the name of Haji Abdur Rahman, the head of an aristocratic family in Saturia Bazar. The spelling of these letters written in Bengali received by post is mostly incorrect. However, the language of all the letters is exactly the same. That is, if millions of taka are not paid, they will 'murder' after kidnaping him. These letters have been given to the head of the family Haji Abdur Rahman mentioning the date and time. In a letter dated 7/2/1990, Haji Abdur Rahman has been threatened to death and demanding extortion. The letter contains pictures of various firearms. 

In another flying letter dated 12/7/1990, mentioning the name of the Shorbohara Party, it has been said that if they do not pay the required amount, they will kill him. Where and when the money should be delivered is also mentioned. There are so many terrible letters that create panic. In this situation, Haji Abdur Rahman kept general diaries at Saturia police station at different times. He never received justice in his lifetime. No criminal was caught. After a long time, Haji Abdur Rahman, victim of oppression, died. Since then his youngest son Habibul Haque has been targeted. When he  used to arrive from Norway, that criminal gang start threatening to kill him. Although the family had been tortured for a long time, the police could not arrest the culprits. 

Recently, when Habibul Haque started living in his house in Saturia with his family, he was threatened for money. At this stage, Habibul Haque was severely injured after entering his house in a barbaric manner. When the Saturia police found out, they rescued Habibul Haque in a bloody condition and took him to the hospital. The matter has been reported from the district police to the highest level. Even then, the whole family is under threat, said Habibul Haque. The helpless family has now reported the matter to the administration. Police informed the names of some people living in Mirzapur involved with the incident. Allegedly, those who are threatening with false charges are showing fear.

He said, he was sometimes a victim of mental and sometimes physical abuse in his area. He suffers from insecurity as soon as he enters the country. Due to being abroad, terrorists take over their place, house, in the country. Norwegian Bergen City Corporation councilor Habibul Haque (60), was attacked in his area and at his home. The incident has caused extreme concern among the people of the area. But no one wants to open his mouth for fear. Haji Md. Abdur Rahman owned many properties in Saturia Bazar area of Manikganj district near Dhaka. His youngest son, Habibul Haque, has been living in Norway for over 40 years. He is a two-time elected councilor of the Bergen City Corporation of Norway. After a long time, he recently came to his hometown Saturia in Bangladesh. Being abroad, their place is occupied by a group of miscreants in the area. When he went to take steps to recover his property, the terrorists entered his house and attacked him with sharp weapons at delight. During this time he was seriously injured. Upon receiving the news, Saturia police rescued him and rushed him to the local hospital. He is currently in a state of insecurity with his wife and children. OC Matiur Rahman did not arrest any accused even after he lodged a complaint with Saturia police station describing the barbaric attack. But today's Saturia Thana compound is built on a quarter of 4 acre land donated by them. Local influential people are hiding the criminals due to the delay of the police. The criminals are demanding extortion from expatriate Habibul Haque. Police learned that they had a meeting with Haji Azizul the night before the attack. Habibul Haque feels insecure as the accused has not been arrested.

Helpless Norwegian expatriate Habibul Haque has lodged a complaint with Saturia police station. It has been mentioned exactly- Md. Hamidullah Mia (35), Md. Humayun Kabir (40), Md. Hasi Ullah (45), father- Md. Abdul Mannan, Md. Sajeeb (27), father- deceased Saha Ali, Md. Mannan Mia ( 60), father- deceased Abdul Haq, Sarb Sang- Saturia Bazar, Thana- Saturia, District- Manikganj- I am filing a statement that 10/12 bags of aluminum / brass goods in the godown on the north side of the house adjacent to my second floor house in Saturia Bazar. I keep it. I continue to work with labor for the purpose of demolishing and rebuilding that godown. Dispute No. 5: As a result of previous animosity, the above defendants entered my godown on 15/07/2020 at around 8.45 am armed with iron rods, shovels, rams, sharp weapons etc. and entered my godown illegally, ordered to kill me and plunder. At the same time I was bloody wounded by the iron rod in the hand of the 1st defendant, the shovel in the hand of the 3 and 2nd defendant and the sharp weapon in the hand of the 4th defendant. My left hand was hit on the middle finger and caused serious injuries. At one stage all the defendants forcibly took out 10/12 bags of aluminum / brass goods from my godown. The estimated value of which is Rs. 2,50,000 / -.

Habibul Haque, a Norwegian expatriate from Saturia Bazar, said, "We live in abroad." With all the income of life, I am living in my native Saturia. Some notorious terrorists are desperate to seize my property. Trying to kill me.

Trying to capture my possessions. I seek the full cooperation of all, especially to the law enforcement agencies, and the appropriate punishment of the perpetrators to save them from the hands of these terrorists.

In this regard, Saturia Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ashraful Alam said that the three accused were arrested immediately after the court issued the arrest warrant and sent to jail through the court. The operation to arrest the remaining accused is continuing. We want justice after a court trial.

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