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No one remembers the bravery of Badruzzamanan in '71
A.S. Kakon
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No one remembers the bravery of Badruzzamanan in '71

No one remembers the bravery of Badruzzamanan in '71

Badruzzaman Badrul, the expatriate son of a brave martyr who was killed by the Pakistani aggressors in the war of independence. He was afflicted by the brutality and torture inflicted on the Bengalis by the Pakistani forces in 1971. He joined the liberation struggle of the country at the risk of his life to do something for the liberation war. 

This brave man was also at the forefront of the movement for the country in London. Expatriate Badruzzaman Badrul was born on 26 February 1949 in Malliksarai village of 6 Ekatunaunion, Sadarupazila of Moulvibazar district. His father was Abu Sufyan alias Askir Mia and his mother was Rahima Banu. His father was a powerful, honorable man. He is the eldest of eight siblings. His educational career started in 1955 at Chandnighat Primary School. Later he was studying in junior high school and government high school. He was very kind from his childhood and was also active in politics. He nurtured Bangabandhu's ideology and became involved in politics. He moved to London in 1965 due to family reasons. From there in 1971 this young man had become involved in the liberation struggle of this country. He joined the then organization Moulvibazar District Development and Welfare Council. The president of that organization was Moinuddin Monak Mia of Ekatuna village. Under his leadership, this young man with a strong conviction continued his tireless struggle. This dedicated soldier was not only involved in the liberation struggle movement, but also donated most of his hard earned money in exile to his organization to help the movement. In the meantime, he got information that Pakistan is taking financial grant from the World Bank to defeat Bangladesh. He took a plan to encircle the World Bank in France with all the members of Moulvibazar District Development and Welfare Council immediately. He formed a strong movement there with the slogan 'Aid to Pakistan Means Vullet for Bangladesh'. The World Bank was forced to retreat in the face of their movement, announcing that it would not provide financial assistance to Pakistan. After this announcement, great enthusiasm arose among the Bengalis and the freedom fighters. 

With the victory, he returned to the organization and found out that his father had been abducted by the Pakistani aggressors at the then Moulvibazar Circuit House. There, Pakistani assassins tortured and killed his father overnight. He could not even come to his father's funeral for fear of his relatives that if he returned to the country invading forces would kill him. After the independence of Bangladesh, Pakistan released Bangabandhu on 8 January 1972 and sent him to London. On January 9, Badruzzaman met Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the then Mughal Shahi Restaurant in London. Bangabandhu went to eat at that restaurant, Badruzzaman knew that Bangabandhu had come, he ran to get close to him, Bangabandhu also hugged him with absolute affection. Badruzzaman, who had just lost his father, Badruzzaman'sturned his hand on head with absolute compassion. The memory of that day still haunts him. Badruzzaman, who was close to Bangabandhu, is still working in the service of the people by cherishing the ideals of Bangabandhu. Although he was in exile, he used to come to his native village every year. He extended a helping hand to the common people. 
No one remembers the bravery of Badruzzamanan in '71

No one remembers the bravery of Badruzzamanan in '71

The Prime Minister's dream is to change village into city. He is silently playing a role in the development of the village with his own funds for the implementation of that dream. To him, there is no difference between party, religion and caste.His main purpose is to serve humanity. From his own income he gave financial help to poor girls for marriage, medical treatment, construction of mosques, madrasas, and even to school and college students. No one remembered Badruzzaman's bravery in '71.

Even after, thinking that he had been able to do something for the country during the war of liberation; his chest is full of pride. In the last few years of his life, he wants to work silently for the country to make the Prime Minister’s vision successful and to build Bangabandhu's Sonar Bangla. 

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