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'Minar-e Kabir', the highest Islamic Monument in Jhalokati
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'Minar-e Kabir', the highest Islamic Monument in Jhalokati

'Minar-e Kabir', the highest Islamic Monument in Jhalokati

Minar-e Kabir is a minaret located in Sugandia village in Jhalokati district of Bangladesh. Advocate Kabir Hossain Muktar started the construction work of the minaret on his own initiative in 2013 which is now the highest Islamic monument in that area.

There are several ancient Islamic monuments around the minaret. The minaret complex is built at 9 different heights, large and small, 200 feet high and 60 feet below the piling. The construction work was started in that style of the Qutub Minar in India and the Jam Minar in Afghanistan. Total 410 feet up to 3rd floor stairs have been used and there are plans to make an Islamic museum their.

The minaret has been completed with stone paved and tiled. The entire minaret has been beautified with tiles with a green dome 200 feet high. The minaret is walled with Islamic essence.

A mosque named Rabeya Munsur with 5 domes was built along with the minaret in 2007 where there is a beautiful case with small domes. Water flows on both sides of the minaret so the watercolor of the minaret exists in the water. There are 1 balcony at 60 feet height and 1 balcony at 100 feet height with 8 windows. There is a steel staircase inside to go up. The whole minaret has Islamic carvings with tiles. The gate of the minaret has been made in Islamic style. It is considered as the tallest minaret in the area and it is the first complex of 9 minarets in Bangladesh.

It is called as the first tallest minaret complex of 9 meters in Bangladesh.

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