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Monir's Bridal Makeover in the world of local makeup artists
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Monir's Bridal Makeover in the world of local makeup artists

Monir's Bridal Makeover in the world of local makeup artists

Monirus Bridal Makeover has become popular as a bridal makeup artist. The special moment of life is marriage. It is the dream of a human life. And this dream is colored by the outfit of the bride and groom. The uniqueness of decorating the wedding ceremony by adding different dimensions. "Monirus Beauty Lounges" is currently busy with various outfits including trendz, fusion and tradition. 

Outfits that look natural at once are becoming a trend in bridal outfits these days. "Monirus Beauty Lounges" has become popular by decorating sari and jewelery so that the decoration is not bad if it is natural.

The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. Makeover, Bridal Hair Stylist Artist Monir Hossain studied flow-less makeup from London in 2016 Monir's Makeover. Continuing today. Monir Hossain said that as a makeup artist, he has taken Indian Bridal, Pakistani Bridal, Asian Bridal, Christian Bridal officially in Bangladesh and India and has received special training in hairstyle and bridal makeup from 'Chandra Prakash' in Delhi. Then Monir Hossain has done makeup of various stars of Dhaliwood and Bollywood since 2012. Her make-up catches the eye of Dhaliwood-Bollywood stars. He has received praise. 

They become different in removing her make-up. Which makes them glamorous. Among those whose beauty has touched her hands are Dhaliwood stars Purnima, Jaya Hasan, Mehzabin, Poppy, Trisha, Sadia Islam Mau, Vidza Sinha Meem, Mahiya Mahi, Parimani, Barsha, Pooja Cheri, Nishum Rubina, Mom, Mithila, Nipun. On the other hand, there are Bollywood stars like Shilpa Sethi, Rakhi Sayant, Vidza Balan, Usha Deol and many more. 

In 2016, she had an exhibition on fashion makeover with the top models of Bangladesh in Bangladesh and India. Make-up artist Monir Hossain said, "I always try to present new glamor in the bride's outfit and the groom's outfit." As if everyone was fascinated to see. Find the differences.

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