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France, where Face Veil is Banned, Now Forcing People to Wear Veil Because of Coronavirus
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Published : Tuesday, 28 April, 2020 at 12:25 PM, Count : 952

France, where Face Veil is Banned, Now Forcing People to Wear Veil Because of Coronavirus

France, where Face Veil is Banned, Now Forcing People to Wear Veil Because of Coronavirus

A few days back,  reported that France was the first European Country that banned veils (Covering of face) in public places. Since 1st April 2011, it was illegal to wear a face veil or other masks in public places. There is a complete ban in France to wear a Veil if someone found with it on they will be jailed. By doing this France, become the first European country to banned face veil totally in public places.

Since, April 2011, It was illegal in France to wear face masks or veil in public places. Now France launched a new law amid Coronavirus fear which states "If someone found without covering their faces with a mask or a veil will be fined 150 Euros" This is the power of Allah 

During last month's infamous fashion show "The Paris Fashion Week" models were seen wearing masks and veils, similar to what Muslim women wear to hide their face and modesty. the model did it so to promote awareness regarding the covering of face, nose, and mouth to protect oneself from Coronavirus infection.

Many fashion brands encourage their models to wear iconic and special designs face mask which is similar to Niqab which Muslim women wear around the world. A large variety of face masks were showcased that included Knit pieces as well as gingham prints, fully covering the faces of the models on the runway.

When in 2011 France banned the wearing of Veil, Muslims living across the country showed deep concern due to it and called it a way of oppressing Muslims in France, and now Allah has made it compulsory even for the non-muslims living in France.

All Muslims personalities around the globe taunt France for this, that when the fear of deadly disease came upon the head, the state has allowed wearing any kind of mask, veil but no one should move or walk without it on the streets of France during COVID-19 outbreak. France was the first-ever country to ban face veil, citing the condition that it is tough for the surveillance cameras to spot a person, also added that it increases the chances of a security breach as it allowed the suspect to hide identity easily.

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