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Blood pressure difference in two arms leads to ‘danger’
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Blood pressure difference in two arms leads to ‘danger’

Blood pressure difference in two arms leads to ‘danger’

Many of us are suffering from high blood pressure. It is seen that when there is a problem with blood pressure, we often use one arm of the patient to measure it – which is not the right way to measure blood pressure at all.

Experts say that blood pressure should be measured in “both arms”. And if it has two consequences, so all have to be careful. This difference in blood pressure can be an early sign of “particularly severe heart disease”.

Recent research says that a blood pressure difference of 5 points or more increases the risk of “heart attack and stroke”.

Dr. Jeffrey Berzer, an Indian cardiologist, said, “It is unfortunate that blood pressure is not measured in two arms. But I think it should be done in two arms. It’s a very simple job.”

The difference in blood pressure between the two arms is primarily a symptom of “atherosclerosis”, health experts said, explaining that “plaque” has accumulated in the arteries. Fat, cholesterol, calcium – are the main reasons behind these plaque clots. 

Besides, an easy way to understand if there is any plaque is that – two types of blood pressure in both arms, the health experts also said.   

According to a report published in the journal named “Hypertension”, a study of about 54,000 people found that a 1-point increase in the difference in blood pressure between the two arms meant a “1 percent increase in the risk of heart attack within the next 10 years”. And the difference is more applicable to systolic (upper) blood pressure.

The researchers said there is “no solution” to fix the blood pressure in both arms. In some cases, regular exercise and a healthy diet are sufficient, while for others, medication may be needed.

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